Help Your Child Thrive With a Tongue-Tie Treatment

If your little one has too many bands of tissue that restrict their tongue movement, they have what’s referred to as a “tongue-tie.” This is a fairly commonplace condition that takes place between 4 and 11 percent of newborns. There’s no need for concern. Your dentist at Hawthorne Smile Spa will enjoy treating this problem for your little one.

We’ll use a special dental laser that’s low-powered and created especially for tongue-tie and similar oral procedures. This helps make certain that your young child feels no discomfort whatsoever. Laser tongue-tie treatment is quick, and the recovery time is short.

A few of the best advantages of a tongue-tie treatment (a frenectomy) are:

  • Easier Nursing – It will allow your little one to nurse like normal. Typically, babies with tongue-tie concerns are not able to latch on and nurse as they should. This procedure gets rid of that issue and helps make sure that your child is getting the correct nutrition.
  • Clearer Speech – Tongue-tie concerns can influence the speech of young kids and can also cause humiliation among their peers and playmates.
  • More Confidence – Getting your little one the care they need now can help them prevent unneeded social humiliation that can stick with them for many years.

For more than 35 years, Hawthorne Smile Spa has been looking after the needs of the community’s little ones, consisting of those with tongue-tie issues. Thousands and thousands of children have stunning, healthy smiles thanks to our pediatric dentists’ abilities. You can feel comfortable bringing your child here also.

If you think your child may need tongue-tie surgery in Westchester, CA, call us today at 310-982-4895 to schedule an appointment. You can also make an appointment online.