Tooth Removal / Extractions in Hawthorne, CA

Although it’s best to save a tooth whenever possible, we sometimes have to remove one to protect a patient’s oral health. In these cases, your family can count on a gentle touch for Hawthorne pediatric tooth extractions. At Hawthorne Smile Spa, we have the skills your family needs when it comes to removing teeth. We can help your child:

  • Stop a toothache so they can relax
  • Prevent damage to your child’s healthy teeth and gums
  • Avoid the need for more extensive dental work
  • Gain peace of mind about your child’s oral health
  • Help a child prepare for their adult teeth

Come to us for the most comfortable pediatric tooth extractions possible – we even have an experienced oral surgeon on staff. Call Hawthorne Smile Spa today at 310-982-4895 to schedule an exam.

Restore Your Child’s Smile Health With an Extraction

We’ll always try to preserve a damaged tooth if we can. Tooth fillings, root canal treatment, and crowns can often keep a failing tooth in place. However, if removal is necessary, we’ll not only use a local anesthetic, but we’ll also give our patient a choice of three types of sedation – inhaled sedation, oral conscious sedation, and general anesthesia. We’ll help you decide which one is best for your family based on the patient’s level of anxiety.

Here are the two types of tooth removal we perform here at Hawthorne Smile Spa for both kids and adults:

  • Routine Tooth Extraction – If a tooth becomes badly diseased or injured, then it may need to be removed. You can feel confident in our skilled touch to remove the tooth as quickly and efficiently as possible. We also offer several teeth replacement options, including bridges and dental implants, that will fill in the gap in your smile.
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal – These “third molars” usually make their appearance between the ages of 17 and 25. If they’re coming through in the wrong place or in the wrong position, they can threaten your child’s other teeth. We can prevent bigger problems by removing them before they cause damage.

If you need pediatric tooth extractions in Hawthorne, call Hawthorne Smile Spa today at 310-982-4895 to schedule an appointment. You can also schedule one online.