Enjoy a Straight, Confident Smile With Orthodontics

If you want to align misaligned teeth, fix overcrowding and spaces, and fix bite problems, you need to depend on your El Segundo, CA orthodontist at Hawthorne Smile Spa. We have the experience, abilities, and training to offer the latest solutions tailored specifically to help you and your loved ones.

After a thorough analysis, we can discuss possible orthodontic services and various other solutions. Effectively align your teeth for more convenient dental care, a more eye-catching smile, and better oral health. Below are some of our treatment options:

  • Metal Braces – Metal brackets are bonded to your teeth, and an archwire provides gentle pressure to move the teeth into better positions.
  • Preventive Orthodontics – We can examine children as young as 1 year old for potential problems. By age 4 or 5, they might benefit from corrective treatments that could help them avoid braces when they are older.
  • Dentofacial Orthopedics – Custom appliances can guide the development of your child’s jaw. This can widen a narrow jaw, prevent breathing issues, and correct crossbites.
  • Space Maintainers – Children sometimes lose primary teeth before their permanent teeth are ready to erupt. A space maintain can hold that space open until the permanent tooth is ready. This also prevents nearby teeth from drifting into the open space.
  • OrthoFX – OrthoFX clear aligners are well known for their effectiveness and comfort.  Ask how you can try it out before committing to full treatment.
  • Invisalign – This was the first clear aligner alternative to braces. By wearing the aligners for 20 to 22 hours daily, you and your loved ones can transform your smiles.
  • LightForce Orthodontics – These state-of-the-art braces are custom-made from digital impressions of the patient’s mouth. This makes them more comfortable and more efficient than traditional braces.

Call us today at 310-982-4895 for a consultation with your El Segundo, CA orthodontist at Hawthorne Smile Spa. Find out which of our leading-edge solutions is right for you!