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  • Find the whitening option that gives you the best results
  • Boost your confidence by having a beautiful smile
  • Remove stubborn stains in one appointment

Enhance Your Appearance Using Hawthorne Teeth Whitening

Over time, our once-white smiles can become dull and drab, leading others to judge us by the quality of our smile. If your teeth aren’t as lustrous as they once were, pay Hawthorne Smile Spa a visit for teeth whitening in Hawthorne. You or your family member could soon:

  • Smile with more confidence everywhere you go
  • Make better first impressions at work or when socializing
  • Look healthier, more attractive, and more vibrant
  • Improve your overall self-esteem

Now is a great time to get whiter teeth! Call us today at 310-982-4895 to schedule an appointment. You’ll find us on South Inglewood Avenue, not far from LAX.

Brighten Your Teeth With Several Whitening Options

We understand how important it is to our patients to have a white, bright smile. Our cosmetic dentistry patients often tell us they wish their teeth were whiter and more beautiful. That’s why we offer several choices for whitening treatment. We want you to be able to whiten your teeth however you want. Our options include:

  • Zoom In-Office Treatment – The time-tested Zoom method can whiten your smile as many as eight shades in just 45 minutes. If you have a big event coming up soon, this may be the best option.
  • In-Office Laser Whitening – For another fantastic in-office whitening option, we offer laser whitening using a special low-power dental laser. You can walk in with a lackluster smile and leave a while later with a gleaming grin.
  • KöR Teeth Whitening – KöR whitening is one of the strongest whitening products on the market. It can improve a smile by up to 16 shades! KöR is especially known for removing difficult stains, like those from tetracycline.
  • At-Home Whitening Treatment – For more flexibility, take home custom trays and a professional whitening gel that you can use whenever it’s convenient. The desired level of whitening takes just a few days.
  • Icon Resin Infiltration – For hard-to-remove white spots on teeth (especially after orthodontic care), we can administer this innovative treatment. It will eliminate unsightly teeth blemishes, resulting in a more attractive smile.

Come see us soon for teeth whitening in Hawthorne. Call us today at 310-982-4895 to schedule an appointment or schedule online. A beautiful, white smile takes no time at Hawthorne Smile Spa!

Common Questions About Teeth Whitening

Which teeth whitening works the best?

The short answer is that professional teeth whitening works best. Here at Hawthorne Smile Spa, we give our patients several great ways to whiten their teeth. You can receive Zoom whitening in our office, laser whitening treatment in our office, a professional take-home kit to use whenever it’s convenient, or our Icon system for removing spots. Any of our methods will deliver better results than a store-bought kit.

Why do teeth hurt after using whitening strips?

If the whitening strips are used improperly or for too long, they can irritate your sensitive gum tissue. Some people also experience tooth sensitivity to hot and cold after whitening treatment, although this usually passes quickly. With our professional whitening trays, our patients should not experience any discomfort to their gums, as the whitening agent will stay on their teeth and away from sensitive tissues.

How does teeth whitening work?

Whitening treatment works extremely well for removing stains that cause your teeth to become discolored. Our whitening agent contains oxygen molecules that interact with the discolored molecules in teeth, breaking up the discoloration and leaving teeth sparkling white. We can customize the effects of the treatment by altering the strength of the solution and the length of treatment.

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