Sleep apnea can affect anyone, including kids.

If you have noticed the common signs — constant snoring and frequent breathing stoppages — then schedule an appointment at our Hawthorne, CA dental practice.

We can design an oral appliance for your child to help them and you get a good night’s sleep. Call 310-982-4895 for an appointment. When left untreated, sleep apnea can contribute to a variety of other problems, including the four mentioned below.

1. Behavioral Problems 

You already know that poor sleep affects how your child acts throughout the day. Depending on the child, this could mean more aggressive behavior, hyperactivity, or moodiness.

2. Learning Difficulties

Sleep deprivation (another symptom of sleep apnea) impairs your child’s ability to maintain their focus. This can hurt them when trying to concentrate on a lesson in school or complete a homework assignment.

3. Bed-Wetting

Sleep apnea can lead to increased urine production overnight. In children, this can raise the risk of bed-wetting.

4. Breathing problems

Breathing stoppages when someone falls asleep are the defining trait of this condition. This can contribute to problems with asthma and other breathing issues.

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