Ideally, you and your loved ones will keep all of your natural teeth for life. Realistically, most people will lose at least a few teeth, and some of those are “lost” intentionally through extractions.

We can perform tooth removals at our Hawthorne, CA dental office. Below, you will find a few of those reasons.

1. Fight Crowding

Humans are all different shapes and sizes. That includes our mouths. Some people’s jaws are not as big as they should be to allow all of their teeth to erupt correctly. That can cause crowding, which can lead to crooked teeth. By removing a few teeth, you can make it easier to straighten your smile with orthodontics.

2. Be Wise About Wisdom Teeth

Your third molars are known as wisdom teeth. These typically erupt when people are in their late teens or early 20s. Unfortunately, most people don’t have jaws that are big enough for these teeth to erupt completely. This can cause your wisdom teeth to become partially or fully impacted.

Impacted wisdom teeth should be taken out to avoid a number of long-term dental problems. These teeth can cause pain, change your bite, and increase your risk of tooth decay and gum infections.

3. End Your Pain

Many times, tooth pain is the result of a deep cavity or a tooth infection. A filling, crown, or root canal can save the tooth in most instances. However, sometimes the damage to the tooth is too great, and the best solution is simply to take it out and replace it.

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