Laser dentistry is an important part of what we do at our Hawthorne, CA. Frenectomies are one of the best things we do with our dental laser.

These are painless and simple ways to fix lip ties. Call 310-982-4895 if this any issue for your little one. Treating a lip tie can help in multiple ways.

Better Feeding 

A lip tie can make it difficult for your child to breastfeed. By fixing the lip tie, they can latch properly and feed more effectively.

Better Speech

A lip tie limits how your child’s lip can move. This can interfere with their ability to make certain sounds, which can affect how they speak. By removing the tie, they will be able to talk clearly as they get older.

Better Oral Health

An untreated lip tie can lead to a variety of dental problems as your child’s teeth start to erupt. By addressed this, your child will avoid some specific issues the get older.

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