Santa brings sports gear to many kids. If that’s happening at your house, they will also need mouthguards to protect their smiles during play. 

About 5 million teeth a year are knocked out, many of them during sports. Many more teeth also get cracked and broken. If those statistics don’t convince you, maybe this short video with actor Joe Manganiello will. During an interview with Kelly Clarkson, he shows her what his smile really looks like, thanks to a childhood sports injury. 

A mouthguard is the best way to prevent this damage. Instead of buying one from a store, let us fit your child for a custom mouthguard. Custom guards are made using impressions of their teeth. This gives them a much better and more comfortable fit than store-bought products. You won’t need an irritating boil-and-bite session before your child wears it for the first time either. 

In addition to athletic mouthguards, we can provide custom-made night guards that keep your kids from grinding their teeth at night. A grinding habit can damage their teeth and also cause jaw pain and headaches. 

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