Lip-ties affect millions of babies every year. When treated, they aren’t an issue. When allowed to remain, they can contribute to a variety of problems.

Knowing this, we are happy to perform frenectomies at our Hawthorne, CA pediatric dental practice. This is simple with our CO2 dental laser. If you suspect your child may have a lip-tie, here are good reasons to call us at 310-982-4895.


Lip-ties can interfere with your child’s ability to latch onto a nipple. This can inhibit their ability to feed, which can reduce the nutrition they receive. Your child also may be underweight as a result.

Dental Problems

A lip-tie can trap food particles. They can then become fuel for harmful bacteria, which increase your child’s risk of cavities and gum infections.

Mouth Development

A lip-tie can affect your child’s mouth forms. As they get older, this can contribute to alignment issues.


A lip-tie also inhibits the movement of the lips. This can make it difficult for your child to form certain sounds when they are learning to speak and may lead to speech impediments when they are older.

A frenectomy can fix the lip-tie and help your child avoid lifelong problems. Call Hawthorne Smile Spa at 310-982-4895 or schedule online for an appointment.

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