Technology has made the world a better place in many ways. That extends to dental care as well.

One example of that is laser dentistry, which we are proud to offer at Hawthorne Smile Spa. Our patient love this service for a variety of reason, including a few that we mention below.

Pain-Free Procedures

Our Solea laser can make your dental appointments practically painless. This makes it easier for anyone in your family who has dental anxiety to get treatment. Keep in mind that we do offer sedation for added assurance of comfort.

Stitchless Gum Treatments

Gum surgery can remove infected tissue from your gums, but it often requires stitches to seal your gums as you heal. With our laser, we can target the infected tissue and seal the healthy tissue without the need for stitches in most case. This can also speed up recovery. 

Cavity Care

Instead of using a drill, we can remove decay with a laser to prepare your teeth for fillings. This can make the process easier for everyone involved.

Discover how laser dentistry can make your dental visits better. Call Hawthorne Smile Spa at 310-982-4895 or schedule online for an appointment.