You want your children to keep their teeth, especially when their permanent teeth have erupted. 

Nevertheless, tooth removal can be a necessary step for some kids (and adults) to protect and preserve their oral health. At our Hawthorne, CA office, we make recommend extracting teeth for these reasons.

Getting Ready for Orthodontics

Whether your child has a primary tooth that hung on too long or a crowding issue, taking out a tooth or a few teeth can make a world of difference in their orthodontic treatment.

Eliminating a Problematic Tooth

A toothache can often be fixed with a filling or a root canal. A broken tooth usually can be repaired with a dental crown. Even so, sometimes a tooth is too far gone to save. In those situations, removing and replacing it is often the better option.

Making a Wise Decision

Many people have issues when their wisdom teeth are ready to erupt. With regular checkups, we can often identify potential problems. Removing wisdom teeth could help you avoid long-term dental health concerns.

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