Few decisions are as important to your family’s well-being as where to go for your child’s orthodontic treatment. In addition to improving the appearance of your child’s smile, orthodontics affects their overall oral function, including their ability to speak clearly and eat comfortably.

Hawthorne Smile Spa isn’t the only pediatric dentist to offer orthodontic care. However, as our patients attest, we do a great job! Here are five reasons to trust your child’s care to us:

  • Care From an Orthodontist – While many general dentists do provide some kinds of orthodontic care, won’t you feel better if your child is seen by a dentist who specializes in orthodontics? Our Dr. Floyd Cawthon completed an orthodontic residency after receiving his DDS. 
  • Proactive Treatments – That old cliche about a ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure is certainly true when it comes to your child’s smile. We can provide appliances and other simple solutions for children as young as 4 or 5 that will positively impact their dental development and help them avoid – or at least minimize – their need for future orthodontic treatment. 
  • Wide Range of Care – Our team offers both traditional braces and convenient clear aligners, but that’s not all. We can use custom-made appliances to widen your child’s jaw, if needed. This allows for proper dental development, may improve your child’s facial appearance, and also can make it easier for them to breathe easily. 
  • Multiple Aligner Options – Sure, we’ve got Invisalign. But we offer three other aligner options: ClearCorrect, SureSmile, and OrthoFX. We’ll help determine which is the best one for your child.
  • Affordable Orthodontics – You’ll find many ways to save money on your child’s care at our Hawthorne, CA office. Orthodontics consultations are free, plus you can use an in-house financing program to pay for orthodontic care. Treatment with OrthoFX is just $85 a month! 

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