You don’t want your kids to develop dental anxiety from a bad experience. That’s one of the reasons we prefer minimally invasive dentistry for patients at Hawthorne, CA practice.

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1. ICON Resin Infiltration

Instead of drilling and filling, your children could treat cavities with this option instead. Plus, it removes whites spots from teeth.

2. Frenectomies

This easy laser procedure is a fast, effective way to treat a tongue-tie. This will allow your child to nurse, speak clearly, and avoid other issues as they get older.

3. Silver Diamine Fluoride

This is another way to stop tooth decay with an alternative treatment to fillings. This does not require drilling. It does kill harmful bacteria and strengthens enamel.

4. Tooth Sealants

Sealants protect against cavity-causing bacteria by creating a barrier for the surface of your loved ones’ teeth.

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