Your children are the most important people in your world. You want them to be as healthy as possible.

For oral care, you can ensure they are getting the best treatment by visiting a pediatric dentist. In Hawthorne, CA, that means you should visit our team at Hawthorne Smile Spa. 

Here are three reasons to call 310-982-4895 to make your next dental appointment with us!

1. Specialized Training

Pediatric dentistry is a specialty recognized by the American Dental Association. Pediatric dentists have completed additional training beyond dental school focused on understanding the best way to provide oral care for kids. This can help children feel more comfortable, which can prevent dental anxiety as they get older.

2. Early Detection & Prevention

To keep your loved ones smiling, it is important to do all you can to prevent problems or at least find those problems as early as possible. Avoiding cavities or treating them in the early stages can save your children from toothaches, infections, and other oral health problems. 

3. Education 

We are happy to answer any questions you or your children may have about their oral health needs. We can demonstrate the best way to brush and floss. We can offer guidance on steps you can take to prevent dental problems and maintain those healthy smiles for life!

Call Hawthorne Smile Spa at 310-982-4895 or schedule online for an appointment. Get to know your pediatric dentist soon!