You already know the basics of oral health. You have taught your kids the importance of these things:

  • Brushing daily
  • Flossing daily
  • Regular dental checkups

Now, you have a chance to take things up a notch with a few more services to keep your loved ones’ smiles as healthy as they can be. Visit our Hawthorne, CA office to get the benefits of these services.

1. Fluoride Treatment

You can’t take your teeth to the gym to get stronger. However, you can make your teeth more resistant to decay and cavities by applying fluoride. This mineral can repair teeth that have experienced demineralization, which is what happens when teeth begin to decay.

2. Dental Sealants

If your teeth are your quarterback and running backs, then sealants are like the offensive line. As bad bacteria try to get to your star players, sealants create a wall to keep the bacteria away.

3. Mouthguards

Speaking of sports, you may have some budding athletes in your family. Whether they are making tackles on the football field, digging balls on the volleyball court, or playing any other high-impact sport, then they should be wearing athletic mouthguards. The best protection comes from custom mouthguards, which we are happy to make for your favorite players.

Keep your healthy smiles looking their best. Call Hawthorne Smile Spa at 310-982-4895 or schedule online for an appointment.