If you have kids that play football or hockey or wrestle, then you know that mouthguards are necessary to participate in those sports. What you may not know is that athletic mouthguards are strongly recommended for many more sports according to multiple professional dental groups, including the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

You want to protect your children’s winning smiles for decades to come. But a dental injury can have effects that last for many years and may even affect what treatments they can receive.

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To help you decide if your kids need mouthguards, answer these questions.

Does Their Sport Include Physical Contact?

If your kids tackle, push, hold off, or run into other athletes incidentally as a regular part of their sport, they should be wearing protection for their teeth.

Does the Sport Involve Jumping?

If you jump, you land. Those landing can jar your joints, and not just the ones in your ankles and knees. The impact can affect your jaw joints as well.

Do They Change Speed or Direction in Their Sport?

Just like jumping, running, stopping, changing speed, or darting one way then another also affects your joints.

Does Your Sport Involve Flying Objects?

With the possible exception of golf, if you play a sport that involves hitting, throwing, or catching something, there is a chance of getting hit in the face or mouth. That comes with a risk of dental injuries and lost teeth.

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