Trying to balance healthy eating for your family and everything else in life can be a challenge. Who has the time, energy, and creativity to come up with food that’s good for the kids and that they’ll actually eat? Your friends at Hawthorne Smile Spa are here to help! These quick, fun recipes are great for your kiddos’ bodies and their teeth.

Pull from these smile-friendly snacks, and substitute as you’d like. Have the kids pitch in, too! You can prep the day before for many of the recipes, and some of them will give you enough leftovers to last a few days. Feel free to buy ingredients that are prepped for you, too, like precut veggies.

Start the school year on a healthy note. For more nutritional tips for teeth, call our Hawthorne pediatric dental office at 310-982-4895 for a checkup or schedule online.

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