Across the United States, millions of adults avoid getting beneficial dental care. Dental anxiety is a real issue for many people. 

You don’t want that to be an issue for your children. As they get older, you want them to feel comfortable going to the dentist for routine cleanings or restorative procedures. You don’t want them to put off treatment that could spare them years of problems.

Finding a family dental practice that you can trust can make a big difference in how they feel as they get older. At Hawthorne Smile Spa, every member of our team is committed to keep you and your loved ones healthy and happy and to making you feel comfortable in a dental chair.

Help your kids by visiting an office that cares about their peace of mind. Call 310-982-4895 to make an appointment at our Hawthorne, CA dental office.

Creating a Comfortable Space

You want your children to have healthy smiles. You know that encouraging healthy oral care habits will make a big difference in achieving that goal. You know that those habits should include brushing and flossing daily and getting regular dental checkups.

You know those checkups are easier when your children look forward to visiting the dentist. That’s much more likely to happen if they have a relationship with the dental professionals who will be caring for them and their smiles.

This starts by making our office a welcoming environment for patients of all ages. Aquariums in our waiting area and our patient rooms provide a pleasant distraction. Our patients also can watch a favorite television show during their appointments, which can take their mind off of their cleaning or other procedure. You will hear calming music played throughout our office to help set a relaxed mood.

Our team also has invested in technology that makes dental visits more efficient and effective. Digital imaging lets us assess the condition of teeth and supporting bones in less time. Dental lasers allow us to treat multiple issues painlessly.

You also should know that we are trained to treat patients with special needs. We recognize that these individuals are among the most underserved in our community. We gladly accept all patients at our office, and we will do everything we can to provide your loved ones with the care they need and deserve.

Pain-Free Dentistry

We want to make dental care as painless as possible physically, mentally, and emotionally for all of our patients.

This is another area where technology comes into play. We have invested in a painless injection system when we do need to administer local anesthetic. You also have the options of three kinds of dental sedation:

  • Inhaled Sedation – Laughing gas is our mildest level of sedation, and it takes effect quickly. Within moments of breathing in this sweet-smelling gas, patients feel a sense of euphoria. This type of sedation is safe for children.
  • Oral Conscious Sedation – For patients with higher levels of anxiety or going through particular procedures, we may recommend taking an FDA-approved medication prior to an appointment. This provides a general feeling of relaxation that lasts for a few hours.
  • General Anesthesia – You will be happy to know that we have a medical anesthesiologist on our team to deliver this deepest level of sedation. With this, the patient does not remember the procedure. 

If you have questions about any of our sedation options or about our approach to patient care, we welcome you to ask them. We want you to have all the information you need to make a decision for yourself or your loved ones.

Plan a Visit With Us Soon 

The best way to avoid dental anxiety in adults is to provide good dental experiences during childhood. Let us help you and your children create good memories around oral care.

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