If your kids are due for cleanings and exams, now is the perfect time to bring them into our Hawthorne pediatric dentistry office. Naturally, you want them to look good for the new school year. Make sure they feel confident about their smile’s appearance, too, with dental cleanings.

Our team of specialists is trained to address children’s unique needs. At their personalized routine checkups, we’ll:

  • Do a top-to-bottom cleaning, making sure we don’t miss any plaque and then polishing their teeth afterward
  • Visually examine their mouths, looking for any changes or developing conditions in their teeth, gums, other oral tissues, and jaw
  • Take digital images to assess their health in detail
  • Diagnose any issues, such as orthodontic problems, cavities, and impacted wisdom teeth
  • Build treatment plans so your children’s smiles can feel and look great again
  • Answer any questions you and your kids have
  • Educate your kids on the best ways to brush and floss
  • Provide nutritional counseling to boost their oral and overall health
  • Provide extra cavity protection with fluoride applications and sealants
  • Fit them for mouthguards if they play sports
  • Keep them comfortable with TV and inhaled sedation if needed
  • Give you options for payment, including insurance and financing, and for scheduling, including Saturdays if you can’t make it during the week

Keep your kids’ smiles looking their best. Call Hawthorne Smile Spa at 310-982-4895 for fall dental cleanings, or schedule online.

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