March 7-13 is Dental Assistants Recognition Week. If you’ve been to our office before, you might know that we love a good reason to have fun! And what better way to celebrate than to recognize our awesome dental assistants?

We intentionally bring assistants onto our team who are respectful, patient, fun, and gentle. Their goal is to make sure you or your child is comfortable and that visits go as smoothly as possible. Take a few of our patients’ words for it:

“Dr. Joyner and her team of dentists and assistants are the best at what they do. Very informative. Kids are always comfortable and calm after procedures. Highly recommended.”

“My 4-year-old is a worry wart, so the dental assistant gave him lots of patience and showed him what things were, and I think it calmed him down a lot. He actually laughed and said it was tickling.”

“Dr. Joyner and her assistant Chris did an excellent job at my routine checkup. Polite, professional, and great attention to detail. Chris especially made sure I was comfortable, as she knows I have a hard time with dentists.”

If you or your child has been helped by an assistant at our office, be sure to let them know here or on social media during Dental Assistants Recognition Week. For a visit with a friendly team, call Hawthorne Smile Spa at 310-982-4895, or schedule online. To see how dental assistants help at your visits, watch this quick ADA video.