If you have young children, you know it can be a challenge to get them to stick to any task for two minutes. Just like adults, though, we recommend that kids brush their teeth twice daily for two full minutes. That ensures disease-causing bacteria is being removed from their mouths, so their smiles stay healthy. 

Try the Hawthorne Smile Spa team’s five recommendations to help your kids become champs at brushing teeth. If you have any questions about their oral hygiene, call us at 310-982-4895. We’re happy to address questions and schedule an appointment in our Hawthorne, CA office, if needed. 

In the meantime, check out our suggestions:

  • Battle Bacteria – Kids like to fight bad guys. And the bacteria in their mouths certainly does some bad stuff, interacting with sugars to potentially cause cavities. Make up a story in which your child goes to battle with bacteria, with the health of their mouth at stake. Let them know bacteria is sneaky and will try to hide – so it’s important to brush every part of their mouths. 
  • Try the Mirror Game – Many kids like to emulate their parents – at least until they become teenagers. Take advantage of this when brushing. Position yourself face-to-face with your child and play the “mirror game” while you brush. Exaggerated faces and noises can make it more fun!
  • Brush to Music – Preschool teachers know that you can often get kids to put toys away or do other tasks if you put on some music. It works at home too! Pick songs your child likes that are at least two minutes long. You can use the free Brush DJ app. Try some of its other cool features too, like setting brushing reminders.
  • Use Rewards – Another good preschool teacher trick is a chart for noting and rewarding accomplishments. Give your child a gold star or fun sticker every time they brush for two minutes. Create a goal for brushing and, when they achieve it, reward them with a favorite activity or treat. 
  • Pick Kid-Friendly Gear – You’ve seen the toothbrushes and toothpastes designed especially for kids. Most children love them! Let your child pick their own brush and paste. Make sure the brush has soft bristles and a head small enough to comfortably fit your child’s mouth. 

Again, our team is always ready to answer questions! Call us at 310-982-4895.