Sure, you know pediatric orthodontics can straighten your child’s crooked teeth. This does great things for their self-esteem along with their smile. But that’s not all orthodontic treatment can do for them.

It can also:

  • Help Them Avoid the Need for Braces – With early intervention, our orthodontists can lessen your child’s need for braces or other treatments in the future – or even help them completely avoid it. We recommend bringing your child for a preventive orthodontics consultation by age 5.
  • Help Them Breathe Easier and Sleep Better – A jaw that is too narrow can cause breathing problems for your child. This can lead to sleep apnea or other sleep disorders, which can take a toll on your child’s overall health. We can make a custom-made appliance for them that will gently widen their jaw so they can breathe easily.
  • Improve Their Facial Appearance – In addition to making it easier for your child to breathe, dentofacial orthodontics using a custom appliance can correct a crossbite so your child’s face looks symmetrical.
  • Encourage Appropriate Dental Development – When your child loses their baby teeth, other teeth can shift out of position before their adult teeth come in. This can cause a misaligned bite and other issues. They may benefit from wearing a space maintainer, a device that keeps a space open to help ensure adult teeth are in a proper position.
  • Improve Their Oral Hygiene – In addition to spoiling the appearance of a child’s smile and causing bite-related problems, crooked teeth can make it tough to properly brush and floss. Straightening teeth can help avoid cavities and other dental problems.

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